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Welcome to dotMUGS, the largets .NET user group of Switzerland! First time here? Get help on how to get started!

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“It was a great pleasure for me to attend this event. I want to thank you for the perfect organization and for taking the effort of make all this happen. To get that much of detailed information about Spring was kind of an eye-opener for me in terms of understanding the principles of a framework. Personally I moved a bit away from development throughout the years, but it is still of great interest to me to be informed about what’s going on in the .NET world. I could not think of any better way to get such valuable information first-hand.”—Klaus

“I just wanted to thank you for bringing this inspiring and delicious-food-for-thought talk to the community. It was great and I enjoyed it a lot. thanks again”—Christian



If you are in loved with nature and you want to invest in your hobby of spotting different activities in the wilderness, from the mating of the zebras to the migration of the wild docks, tripod stands for spotting scope will come in handy on every trip you take. Here are some good examples of some good spotting scope tripod reviews

Besides spotting scopes, cameras, as well as binoculars or telescopes can be places on the tripods for easier manipulations with the gadgets. Usually a tripod is functional for improving the steadiness when using magnification instrument, or when you need to support the weight of large instruments. They are consisted of two parts, and that is the tripod head on which you place your instrument and the three sided leg set.

You can purchase a tripod set with the two parts merged together for cheaper prices, but there is the problem of not being able to change the head or some parts of the legs if something gets broke or damaged. If your pocket allows you, you can purchase a spotting scope stand of interchangeable type, meaning that you need to buy both pieces, legs and head, and combine them to make it functional. Keep in mind that bigger instruments require bigger heads too.

Considering the height, there are three types of tripods that can be used for your optical devices.

Compact tripods are most useful for spotting scope enthusiasts. It may be too large to use it on a table, but will be really comfortable using it when you sit on your chair. They are definitely the first choice of mountain hunters and backpackers. Spotting scopes of maximum of 70 mm will be ideal for the compact tripods, but the good choices vanish when you use 80 mm sized for example.

The full sized tripod will come in handy for users of average height when using a spotting scope or a camera. But don’t consider the meaning of full size literally, as it is always necessary to match the weight and the strength of the tripod with the weight and size of the spotting scope or camera. It is impossible to find a tripod that is stable enough and cheap enough at the same time. Whenever you have a heavier load to put on it, be ready to pay more for the tripod.

The smaller of all are the table top typed tripod stands, which aren’t the best choice when using a spotting scope. The reason is that these tripods won’t be able to sustain heavier loads put on them.

So make your decision, purchase a tripod and enjoy the beauties around us.

A Stressed-Free Travel With Garmin GPS Maps

Never get lost anymore with free Garmin GPS maps, This accurate navigational instrument is great for traveling whether via land, sea, or air. You can now follow along with your destination and focus the advancement of your journey with only a press of a button. 
The GPS maps accompany different features like the Map page, the Navigation page with compass, the Highway page, Heading Display and North Reference, and the Location and Datum Formats.

In the Map page, an electronic map that is so similar to a paper map would be loaded which can be zoomed in and zoomed out by the client through the panning arrow making the things on the map more readable. The review area is adjustable so the customer can choose which part of the map can just be seen. Aside from that, the client may set it into its base map to get a general perspective on the location. Then again, the Navigation page with compass along with the Highway page helps in tracking the time, distance, speed, and heading information. Notwithstanding when stationary, the electronic compass on GPS maps can at present give information to headings. Meanwhile, the Heading Display and North Reference, which can be found under the navigation settings, gives you a chance to pick on how you ought to be navigated. Deciding the magnetic declination of the present position of the client can be done at once since the GPS would automatically calculate it.
Whether checking the present location or the target location, the Location and Datum Formats gives more information about it like the elevation, profundity, temperature, pressure, and others.
The GPS maps are essential apparatuses for traveling. One can even create a path that suits the client while constantly tracking the destination by creating location marks. Since the gadget can be redone wherein, the client can modify how the map ought to display the things and how huge are the content sizes, reading the map have turned out to be less difficult. It also lets the client record the time and distance of his or her journey along these lines he or she can anticipate the approximate time of his or her arrival at their last stop. GPS maps are also upgradeable. All the client has to do is access the Internet and download the latest map that they required on their computer and transfer it to their GPS maps gadget.
One fortunate thing about free Garmin GPS maps are its capability to rectify constantly any deviations or mistakes that have been acquired. The GPS maps can tell how far the client has gone right or left from the track in this manner getting lost amid a journey would be improbable.
The accuracy of GPS maps guarantee a faster and more advantageous travel whether it is via land, via sea, or via air. Subsequently, with Garmin GPS maps, one can assure a stressed-free journey.

Getting TomTom Map Updates for Free

Though it is recommended to always have the latest version of the TomTom software installed on your navigation device, sometimes it is just tricky. For an average person with a dodgy sense of direction and poor map-reading skills TomTom has proved to be the greatest innovation in the motoring world since the introduction of a motor vehicle. However, updating the application can be challenging to many, but that does not mean that free TomTom map update is not available. In fact, the maps are constantly updated as a result making them useful to professional and amateur drivers alike. Nevertheless, the problem lies on how to get the free updates for your TomTom.

TomTom acknowledges that for an in car navigation system to be considered great it must rely on the best quality of maps therefore the need for timely and continuous updates. For that reason, this update is available freely and the first official update tool for TomTom is TomTom.com. It simply makes things easier since it offers a number of free features. It is easy to install new maps, backup, get free traffic alerts as well as enable you use services that usually necessitates the need for a wireless network connection.

Of course, you can also update the maps by using MappShare. This facility offers the user the ability to edit the maps. Many would wonder how you edit the maps. It is simple, all you need to do is to correct and modify street names, unnavigable roads, and turn restrictions, alterations in traffic course or in speed limits. All TomTom owners can do this. Once uploaded, they will be grouped into a single package, then made available as free downloads to other TomTom owners. All you need to do so as to get this update is to register on the developer website and then install the Home app on your computer. After which you will have to connect your device to the computer, and then activate the TomTom Home. You will update the maps once it prompts you to download the existing updates from the MappShare platform. It is the simplest way of getting fast, accurate and free TomTom map update. One of its greatest advantages when compared to paid maps is that it can be updated on a daily or monthly basis, whereas paid maps are updated twice or thrice a year. Finally, if that is not an option and you own a smart phone get free TomTom maps in the Android or iPhone smartphone app.

A Whole New Way To Minecraft

With telecharger Minecraft cracker, people can sharpen their creative instincts and have a lot of fun. If people are bored with their daily routine, Minecraft will certainly get rid of that boredom. Users can register with the gaming site and have fun whenever they like. There are three categories that users can choose to play the game. These three categories are Survivor mode, Hardcore mode, and Creative mode. First-time players can first check out the manual to learn how the game is played.

Users can play the game once they register with the gaming site. If users do not plan to spend money again and again, they could look for the Telecharger Minecraft Gratuit from a reliable website. Many websites are offering the opportunity to obtain the program. Users only need to find a website that is offering secure hack tool at the moment. If users get this hack tool, they will not have to spend any money to play the game. Players usually use credit cards to register with the gaming zone. Besides subscribing with money, users are also required to buy a number of items for the game. Players need first to buy codes that can be redeemed later. Without the codes, players cannot buy any item that is needed for the game. But it is obvious that users cannot always spend money to buy the codes. So, some experts have come up with a new technique that will allow users to play Minecraft Gratuit.

Users can use telecharger Minecraft cracker from a reliable website. Though several websites are offering the program, users should make it a point to choose the program that is safe and secure. Players should also try to find a site that does not ask for any money or credit card information. The new technique is hack tool that has been created by experts. The tool is user-friendly and simple but extremely effective. Besides being effective, the new program is safe and devoid of any virus. So, users can obtain the program without any doubts. They simply need to find the right website from where they can download the hack tool.

Once users find the right site where the free program is offered, they are just required to enter one key at a time. The latest program is rather fast so within a few minutes; users will be enabled to use the same. When users get the tool, there will be no need to waste money. Users can play free Minecraft whenever they like.

Try Surviving a Plane CRASH!

Have you ever imagined being the only survivor in a plane crash? Of course that is not a really desirable feat. Well, in Stranded Deep you get to experience that ordeal and work against the odds to survive in the deeps of the Ocean without truly having to be in the scene.

You have to hunt and to discover in order to survive the dangers that surround you in this strange land. This game is an all round excitement package collapsed into one. With its different scenarios on each play you are assured that boredom will be a foreign concept. Basically no two game scenes are similar.

After the plane crash the player is armed with a small backpack with necessities that give a small chance at survival. The rest depends on the capacity of the player to use his abilities to improve his chances. He has to move through methodically spawned and interesting terrains that are sure to keep you on your toes.

The background is thoughtfully sculptured to mirror real life water with visible buoyancy, high volume fog, foamy backgrounds and sub surface dispersal chimeras. To epitomize the real life scenario, there is a clear day and night system shift so that the ambience changes as it does in daily life.

The system that forces you to think smart and shrewdly incorporates aspects that challenge your survival and induce a feeling of utter triumph for each challenge surpassed. The interaction of the player with the environment has to be done expertly.

By familiarising with the exceptional build and dexterity presented, one learns how to become a master in the best Stranded Deep free game. With that mastery comes a desire to achieve more hence making this game the perfect hub of pure fun and challenge.

The competitive at heart will be astounded by the sheer awards of this game. There are a range of in game achievements and unlock able stages that you have to work toward unlocking. Apart from that you get to view a wide array of statistics that you have accrued and unbelievable rewards.

There are a couple of supportive platforms where this game can be played; Linux, Windows and Mac included. The incorporation of aspects like reefs and cavernous trenches and marine wildlife make this survival based game a truly oceanic experience. The game is truly captivating and one might find themselves unable to stop at a certain level because they want to reach the next step. Good thing is that you can save your progress till later.

Every success meets another challenge. The player gets to a safe island and soon night is falling. They have to figure out how to best survive the night. Exploration is key to finding necessities but at the risk of facing dangerous sharks. Food and tools have to be gathered amongst rocks, trees and plants. Even shelter will have to be built for protection against the harsh conditions.

The stranded deep is sure to provide you an adventurous experience as well as equip you with timeless fast, proactive, creative and reactive thinking skills that will sharpen your mental capacity. With real life dangers that you can relate to this game is as real as it gets!

The Video Game I Adore And Love

Farming Simulator 2015 is going to be on COMPUTER within April this coming year, using a unit generate coming in first 2015.

This unit generate per se is going to be mix gen, meaning we are able to be prepared to discover authentic producing simulation visiting Xbox 360 One particular and also PS4 likewise. Just try it, you will never be disappointed indeed! It’s simple to benefit from the fresh produced Farming Simulator 15 without having to pay for it. We located any loophole from the online games algorithms, and still have for that reason was able to go around the login hosting space. The overall game goes through a proxy to make certain the privateness and also protection. When you’ve got installed the totally free chipped model associated with Farming Simulator 15, you will not need to bring up to date the chipped model all over again. The overall game only will work as a usual backup and also allow you to bring up to date to discover the newest capabilities once you find these individuals. Thus, you can now acquire Farming Simulator 2015 like a download free. We endeavor to maintain our fractures on the finest, nevertheless this may not be generally probable devoid of the suggestions. If you decide to received something that isn’t working for you, or you just need many benefit a thing, think absolve to land all of us upwards. We have chose to generate our independently chipped model associated with Farming Simulator 15 since we want to supply a thing here we are at the city. We are not able to appreciate it folks, ample intended for whatever you do in excess of from the several years within whatever you do to help bring about the Farming Simulator neighborhood.

Click here for Farming Simulator 2015 free download and enjoy this awesome game. When you whenever they want face difficulties, there exists a thing upon our own site, or you’re operating into techie difficulties remember to return to all of us thus we are able to get the activity set AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE. It’s not something that we have been ready for since the activity can be operating identical to the top quality model today, and also there isn’t a difference through the top quality 1, and this 1. You are even capable of participate in on the web on the initial producing simulator 15 hosting space. So to discover Click here for Farming Simulator 2015 free download.

Everything Regarding Deezer Premium

Robartsone Inside this point in time from the web and also mp3s, audio fans have to have a quick net connection, whether it be wire, DSL, or even satellite tv on pc broadband, in order to sustain a common musicians and also all the most recent styles around the audio arena. Downloading it mp3 files uses up so much area with your computer’s harddrive, in addition it really is oftentimes illegitimate. Loading audio has generated a distinct segment for themselves, making it possible for audience members to locate and also pay attention to hundreds of thousands involving music, along with listen to completely new tunes simply by a common musicians and discover music that they never would have identified normally.

Where Loading Audio Is Easy

Loading audio is actually a sensible way to pay attention to and discover completely new, mysterious music and also artists without infringing in audio label copyrights or even launching high on the computer’s important available area. There are a myriad of portals intended for on the internet loading audio, most of which might be established like custom-made stereo, making it possible for people to decide on which usually musicians or even styles that they would prefer to listen to.
Loading audio is easy; for greatest effects, utilize a high-speed satellite tv on pc broadband net connection, wire, or even DSL. This specific will help you to tune in without disorders on account of shattered or even late contacts.
Where by can you find the best choice of audio you would like to listen to? There are a huge selection of on the internet audio coding sites; decide on this matches the style and also requirements the best. Some are generally subscription-based and also charge a tiny cost for endless hearing, while some are generally free nevertheless determine that which you may listen to, and also precisely how often.
Napster, an original web-based audio repository, ended up being pressured to undergo a lengthy research directed from the audio sector to stop the company by circulating copyrighted audio totally free. Following needing to close this entrance doors around the down loadable audio files, Napster ended up being reborn since No cost. Napster, a no cost loading audio collection, making it possible for audience members to be able to flow any available melody up to thrice. iTunes gives a radio purpose which includes stereo by everywhere over the earth. Radio-based coding, including NPR or even this BBC, presents almost all normal programs totally free loading on the sites. These types of programs typically need a particular net person, like Actual Gamer or even this Glass windows deezer premium gratuit.

Fast to Setup and get running

Area of expertise web sites like DI. fm and also GOODNESS ME. fm flow techno and also dancing team gets, and have end user community forums to talk about and also discuss paths, musicians, and also linked situations. Deezer. com is a blend interpersonal network/music repository, that offers loading audio in all of the important styles and also a function to generate your playlist. The actual network aspect is needed whenever you discuss the playlists along with buddies and also pay attention to their own, in a sort of blend tape wonderland planet.
Previous. fm allows people to generate your local library of their preferred musicians and also music, and also produces referrals and also creates playlists determined by the style. Previous. fm also motivates end user contribution to generate current activities involving music-related situations, and may up-date people determined by their own location and also just what situations, including live shows, which they could be enthusiastic about joining.

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Here is the solution to your emulation needs!

relive childhood

Wondering which is best gaming console on which you can play old games by installing various Emulators on them? We are presenting you best of the best, Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator is right choice for you, since it is just made for emulators! The Nintendo gaming console was created and released at the beginning of 2011 year by Nintendo gaming company, and it is most soled gaming console of all Nintendo consoles. Today the Nintendo 3DS console has over 20 million users which are enjoying in this great console which has possibility to play games online with other players. Also there is camera on the top of console which will allow users to cam chat with others users of Nintendo 3DS. Best thing about Nintendo 3DS consoles is possibility to install greatest Emulators which will allow you to play best old games which are no longer possible to play since they were made for outdated consoles. This gives possibility to all users of Nintendo 3DS to play old games too, which will bring them back good memories!  Which is your most favorite old game? Which game singed your childhood? Now you can download Nintendo 3DS emulator and play this game on Nintendo console which is great! Nintendo 3DS emulators can be download from certain websites which are offering them for free. You can go ahead and try out The Garrys Mod Free Version by Gmod themselves!

No Need to download emulated games

Find those websites and you will be able to download popular emulators like Citra! All you need to do is to install downloaded emulator on your Nintendo 3DS gaming console, and you are ready to enjoy in endless amounts of hours with your favorite old games. It is actually possible to find the most rarest old games which were possible to be played on old computer systems. But most of those rare games can be played on emulators which are premium and have to be paid otherwise you won’t be able to download them for your Nintendo 3DS console. For those rare emulators you have two available options. First is to buy them with US dollars, but they are really spicy and you will have to give big amount of money for them.  Also there is possibility to win Nintendo 3DS emulator for free by participating in daily giveaways. Participate in more giveaways in once which will increase  your chances of winning. Are you ready to play best Nintendo 3DS emulator games? Sit back and enjoy in playing old and great games on your NIntendo 3DS